St. Albert Financial Corporation takes great pride in getting to know each business and its operations on its own merit. We can customize an Employee Benefits Plan that will help with the hiring and retaining of those key employees needed to ensure the prosperity of your business.

We specifically design your Employee Benefits Plan to keep costs, usage, and maintenance front and center. If the plan is not being utilized or is too difficult to maintain and costs are going up, this can become a great concern to the business as well as to those hardworking employees for whom it was originally designed. Consequently, we conduct yearly renewal audits and negotiations with the Insurance Carriers as well as the business to ensure your Employee Benefits Plan is still meeting the business needs for which it was originally designed.

We guarantee that with our consistent work ethic, honesty and understanding of how the Employee Benefits market operates we are able to take complex issues and relay them in an understandable way to the business owners as well as to the employees.

So whether you are an existing business with an Employee Benefits Plan in place or you are a new business looking to get an Employee Benefits Plan, we at St. Albert Financial Corporation are here to help you explore your options.

Please contact us today and let’s get started!